Memento with moments to remember

To the guy who thinks I’m busy with my personal life alone,

       There’s no greater joy than receiving a book filled with writings about oneself. I’m glad to have made it to such a place in your life that you decided to dedicate a 30 page book for me. And oh, not to forget the pen with my name engraved on it, I simply love it – a very personalised gift that I won’t forget.
         There are reasons why I maintain distance with you. It’s for our betterment. Trust me, your girl best friend has more brains than you. 😋
         Nahhh, I won’t say how much you mean to me, because certain things, when said, ‘puff!’ the magic is gone. You’ve taken up such an irreplaceable place. But don’t worry, I won’t put you out for show off as a prize, but will dust you, remember you and thank you silently, for accepting my new changes.

Yours truly,
Black Bow-tie girl.



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